22nd May 2023

Continued Growth For MEDILOGIK

Over the last couple of years, we’ve been a little busy and one of the things we have neglected is our online presence and news updates. We’ll be rectifying this from here on and in the first instance thought we’d bring you up to date with what has been keeping the growing team fully occupied.

Since we last published an update on this, we’ve onboarded another 20+ English NHS trusts, 1 NHS Scotland Health Board, 2 NHS Wales Health Boards and over 50 hospitals in the independent sector.

Our cloud-hosted environments have smoothly expanded to accommodate all the extra users, integrations and procedures being recorded.

We’ve also delivered a full technology re-write for the end users as well as some key new

Over the coming months, we’ll be updating you in more detail about the latest developments on the EMS platform, some stories from our users and other insights from the MEDILOGIK HQ. Follow us on LinkedIn & Twitter to get the latest updates as they are released.

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