22nd May 2023

EMS V2 And Our Latest Upgrades

One of the great things about being a MEDILOGIK customer is benefiting from our secure, reliable and flexible cloud environment. It also means that you get the latest updates, soon after we release them, without having to talk to the team and request it, find more funding or go through extensive testing routines.

In 2022 we rolled out V2 which brought our modern flexible platform to our users. Being browser agnostic with no client footprint, means that organisations are free to use the software tools of their choice.

Since then, we have added numerous updates, including our Enteroscopy module, enhanced vetting routines, made improvements to our image tagging and of course, the required NEDi2 functionality.

We’ll bring you news of our future software updates as they drop so do keep up with our news section for updates here and on social media to ensure your organisation benefits from the latest changes.

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Image Source: Canva