29th June 2023

Helping To Manage Demand In Multi-Site Shared Endoscopy Units

Managing multiple specialities within the same endoscopy unit presents a unique set of challenges for departmental managers and their teams. With different procedures and patient needs, it can be challenging to effectively coordinate care, ensure equipment is correctly allocated, and achieve consistent quality standards. However, with strategic planning and the right technology, shared endoscopy units can successfully meet demand across multiple specialities.

In this article, we’ll consider how an Endoscopy Management System (EMS) can help to manage demand by streamlining tasks, reducing errors, and providing valuable insights that help staff to improve efficiency.

Streamlining Scheduling

Scheduling is a critical aspect of managing an endoscopy unit but the key to meeting demand is to adopt a systematic approach that streamlines workflow management and the deployment of resources. EMS scheduling software provides flexible and easy-to-use tools that simplifies the correct allocation of appointments and reduces scheduling conflicts. By ensuring that clinicians and equipment are available for appointments, the EMS will help to smooth the patient experience, reduce DNA’s and facilitate the prompt completion of important medical procedures.

Clinical Vetting

Ensuring that all procedures are appropriately reviewed ahead of booking is crucial to ensuring the best outcome. MEDILOGIK EMS ensures users review each referral setting prioritisation, allocating points and recording the pertinent test results to ensure that the patients are on the correct pathway, scheduled with enough time and with the right member of staff.

Improving Departmental Performance Through Analytics

An EMS plays an important role in enhancing the efficiency and quality of operations within all sizes of endoscopy units. By providing analytical insights into key performance metrics, such as  procedure times and room utilisation rates, the software is instrumental in stimulating continuous improvements within the unit. For instance, MEDILOGIK EMS can reveal lists that consistently overrun or highlight areas where efficiency improvements are feasible. Equipped with this data, departmental managers and administrators can devise strategies to enhance workflow, potentially reducing waiting times and increasing throughput.

Enhancing Communication And Coordination

With multiple specialities sharing resources, it’s vital that staff can communicate and collaborate effectively. The more teams who utilise the department, the greater the likelihood of confusion if efficient lines of communication aren’t maintained. A centralised EMS allows for real-time updates of patient statuses so all teams work from the same up-to-date information. This reduces inefficiencies and confusion between specialities.

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