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Why You Should Migrate To An EMS Software

• Extensive experience migrating new customers to use EMS software from all legacy systems

• Procedure reports and images from legacy systems imported to EMS endoscopy software

• Endoscopic history easily accessible displaying previous reports & Images 

EMS Software As A Service

Software as a Service

System delivered “Software as a Service” via our MS Azure Cloud

browser based

Fully browser based, accessed via any modern browser e.g. Edge & Chrome

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Removes reliance on local technical resources for server support & upgrades

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Ensures Users always have latest EMS version— no upgrade delays 

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Available via G-Cloud framework avoiding lengthy procurement process

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GI, Respiratory and Urology delivered in one system 

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NEW productivity dashboards and intelligence suite

Scheduling and Booking

Integrated Scheduling & Booking Module accepting electronic referrals

Why Select MEDILOGIK EMS Software?

  • Established 10 years ago

  • Expanding team based across UK with substantial Endoscopy experience

  • Project Services provided by team with substantial NHS endoscopy experience

  • Framework contracts in place
  • In-House Clinical Consultant with JAG Accreditation and eHealth Experience

  • Rapidly expanding user base

  • EMS endoscopy is our sole focus

  • Exciting Development Roadmap

National Standards 

• Proven commitment for 10 years to JAG/GRS and NED/JETS

• One click JAG GRS Clinical Audit including key safety indicators

• Only supplier accredited by NED for last 5 years uploading to LIVE NED & JETS

• Trainees for 5 years saved substantial time NOT having to manually update JETS

Implementation Services

• Extensive delivery experience from sm Independents to multi-region ICS

• Project Services include workshops to drive and manage change 

National Standards
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5 Reasons why you should change your Endoscopy Management System

If you currently have issues with any of the following:  

  • Cumbersome, inefficient or just slow & out of date software

  • End-of-life or expiring contracts for current software

  • Inability to access data for national and local reporting

  • Difficulties with maintenance and poor support for your current supplier

  • System now out of date to meet national reporting and being quoted to upgrade 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will MEDILOGIK EMS integrate with the rest of our patient management systems?

Yes, as part of your bespoke training and implementation support, we will ensure seamless integration with all essential systems.  MEDILOGIK is already connected to all the main EPR & Integration systems in the UK and has many years of expertise in HL7, FHIR and more.

Does MEDILOGIK EMS connect with the National Endoscopy Database (NED)?

Yes, MEDILOGIK EMS was one of the first endoscopy management solutions to meet NED requirements as well as having uploaded trainee data to JETS since 2016. 

How can we purchase MEDILOGIK EMS?

MEDILOGIK EMS is available direct through the Government digital marketplace and a number of other routes. Please enquire now to discuss framework options and your procurement processes.

Can we import old data from our legacy systems?

Yes, our implementation team will work with you to transfer all old procedures, reports & images from your legacy systems. We use an ETL (extract, transform, load) data extraction interface to consolidate data from multiple sources and systems into a coherent cloud data store accessible through MEDILOGIK EMS.

How long does deployment, implementation, and training take?

We can usually deploy as rapidly as you need.  The MEDILOGIK Cloud platform allows your instances to be created and deployed within days, and our e-learning platform ensures that clinical teams are able to quickly get up to speed having learnt at times convenient to them.

Which speciality areas does EMS cover?

MEDILOGIK EMS allows clinicians to record all types of GI Endoscopy procedures as well as Respiratory and Urology endoscopies.  
Our intelligent scheduling and booking module allows all procedure types to be vetted and booked in a consistent fashion.

How much IT resource will be required?

That depends on your configuration.  Though you can be sure that it will be a lot less than you are used to!

But however richly or loosely you want EMS integrated with your organisations other systems, there are certain things that will require a little resource, at least in the first instance.   So make sure you engage with your IT team early and ask for their help in getting a DPIA completed once you know you want to go ahead.  

Referring them to our Certifications & Policies page should also make them feel better!


Benefits include:

  • Intuitive & User friendly
  • Regular, Hands-free Updates
  • Secure
  • Flexible Integration
  • Maximise Departmental Efficiency

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